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Thursday, June 29, 2006

All About Surveys

Hello and welcome to my blog, I have created this to enlighten you on what surveys are all about, what you can expect to earn from them and other such details.

How it started.

I started on my quest to make money on the internet last year after searching for many hours and being tempted and burnt by many scam artists I came across Surveys. I read with amazement that you could make money from taking surveys and the money sounded really great. I knew that companies did want to know the public's opinions on products as I regularly do market research offline.

Joining Survey Scout

I decided to take the plunge and splashed out $37 on Survey Scout in May 2005 (more about that later). I was so excited about my new money making venture, I patted myself on the back several times! The pats soon turned into thuds as I realised that I wouldn't be making the hundreds of dollars that was advertised. I persisted as I had bought it and I'm a real tough cookie who will stick to things until there really is no chance.

Getting Started

I am glad I did as entering surveys is a legitimate way to earn money, true you won't be able to quit the day job, pay your rent or go on holiday every month but if you stick at it you can earn a reasonable amount. A lot of companies give you money for each survey you compete which you can cash out after a certain amount of time, whilst others give you vouchers or enter you into prize draws.

I love doing surveys and I always get a great satisfaction when completing one knowing that my answers may decide if a product gets the go ahead or is set to stay on the shelf. The more surveys you do the more the company will get in touch, meaning more cash and vouchers for you. There's also chances to test products at home, my partner loves it when parcels come through the door and we're testing out sweets, cakes, biscuits etc.

Have a look around

I have gone into more detail about Survey Scout in another post as well as picking out my favourite big payers that you can join for free, if you don't want to pay for Survey Scout.

So to conclude I have to say that I love doing surveys and I have started patting my back again. I have just received a voucher for Amazon for $30 which I am going to spend on a cd or a book or a dvd!

Anyhow, have a look around the site and I hope that I have answered some of your questions.


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