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Friday, June 30, 2006

I'll Give You Some Survey Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

I have had to learn from my mistakes as nobody pointed me in the right direction when it came to making money with surveys, take a look below for some pointers that will help you.

Get a new email address

First things first, before you even join any company get yourself a new email address, the reason I tell you to do this is so that you can keep all the surveys you get together and they don't get mixed up with your other emails. I would advise on signing up with Yahoo as some email addresses will immediately put the emails as spam and even worse not let them get through at all.

Database of Companies

Once you have done this sign up to as many companies as you can, this will ensure you get a steady number of surveys coming to you each week. I personally bought a note book and dedicated a page to each company I registered with. This can also be done on a spreadsheet, make sure that you keep this up to date inputting the date you received the survey, what your rewards were etc. This will help you decide if the company is worth staying with.

Completing Surveys

I generally get about 20 surveys a week from all the companies I join, when I started I got survey overload and it bogged me down a bit so I decided to quit all the companies that were not offering point, vouchers or cash. I check my survey email every day and as soon as I get a survey I complete it, this is because they can close once they get the required number of people. The more surveys you complete the more will come to you, which is always a bonus as it will mean more incentives.

Qualifying for Surveys

When you get a survey a lot of them will ask you a few screening questions, if you qualify then you will participate in the full survey, it is always best to tell the truth all though I do sometimes tell little fibs if they ask if I have taken a survey in the last couple of months, I always say no.
I hope these tips have helped you so go on why not start today - you won't regret that you did!


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