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Friday, June 30, 2006

Surveys you can join now - FREE!

If you have decided you may be interested in joining a few companies but you was not really interested in joining Survey Scout then read on as I have reviewed a few of my favourite sites which pay out well, which you can join for Free!


If you are from the UK then you can join Ciao Consumer Panel for free. You get regular surveys which pay you cash to complete the surveys, I am currently on £15.07 for the month! You can also write reviews about anything that interests you and make friends with other people in the community section.

Pure Profile

This is another one for those based in the UK, the company sends emails out very regularly and unlike other companies their surveys are very short in which you receive cash for participating. Definitely worth a look.

Pure Profile!

Global Test Market

This is one for everybody and in my opinion is really great, on average I receive about 3 surveys a week from them, the good thing about these is if you don't qualify for a survey you still get points, which can then be turned into cash - I have a cheque for £27/$50 in the post from this at the moment. See them here.

Global Test Market!

Media Transfer

This is also one for everybody, it really is a great market research company, you receive points each time you complete a survey which you can then convert into vouchers. I have just received a £16/$30 Amazon voucher from them and that was from 3 surveys! This company also does product testing, it was with these I got to enjoy two boxes of cereal. Mmmm

Media Transfer

Please keep checking this space for more great companies.


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